Honda Youth RIB Challenge

This is the second year we have held the event at Silver Wing Sailing Club and young people from many clubs all over the south east’s RYA’s region come and take part.

HYRC_Joel Evans2

In the last couple of years two local sailing clubs have closed due owner’s seeing fishing as a more profitable business than sailing. This has left Silver Wing in a unique position as being the only former gravel pit north west of Staines still offering sailing as a sport available to the local community. It is really important we can offer an outlet for young people to learn to sail and support the activity of powerboating that is essential to our sport. When sailing, safety craft or powered support vessels are often on standby to help those in difficulty and to coach from and run races. Teaching young people to use powerboats at an early age, safely and responsibly is a key way we can pass on valuable skills and develop the sport at the same time. I learnt powerboating skills on Silver Wing Lake many years ago along with most of the members, and enjoy passing those onto others. Silver Wing Sailing Club became an R.Y.A Training centre several years ago, giving us the chance to offer R.Y.A recognised courses for both sailing and powerboating. Many of our members are Staines and Wraysbury residents and didn’t know we existed until they came to our open days or saw us the Two Rivers shopping centre in Staines promoting the club.

Staging the event involves time keepers, judges and many support helpers most of which are local members. It means a great deal for Silver Wing to have been invited by the RYA to host the event again and send two young people of different age groups through to the national final held at the Southampton Boat Show later this year.

For more info go to the RYA here

Roger Bennett